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So Cal Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

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Channel letters could be precisely what you need to help your So Cal business stand out from the crowd. They’re commonly selected by business owners who’d like to use them on their storefronts and establishments for signage and branding purposes. The great thing about using channel letters is that they’re easy to customize. Making it easy to create a personalized sign to stand out and above your competitors!

Custom Channel Letter Building SignIt’s all about choosing the designs and colors you like most. There are many important decisions for you to make when it comes to these beautiful and professional signs, including the font you’d like us to use and the illumination you’d like to have added to these letters to make them stick out even more, especially as it gets dark while you’re still open and serving customers.

Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. designs and builds stunning signs for business owners in and around the area, providing speedy service and excellent products for everyone to enjoy.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignStorefront channel letters are a common request as they are a 3-dimensional striking image that stands out on the outside of the building informing customers about their business. No matter the name of your business, whether it has numbers, letters, or other special symbols included, we’ll be able to customize the channel letters to represent your business and your logo the right way.

We’ll create channel letters that go with the theme of your business. We can help you pick out the right font to use, decide on a size that will look right on your building, and even discuss color options with you. While many people want to use channel letters for their stores, they can be found on several other types of buildings, including schools and church building.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront SignWe even offer dimensional letters to our clients. These letters are similar to channel letters, but they don’t come equipped with a space to have lights added like the channel letters do. They’re made of similar materials, including acrylic and metal. If you want dimensional letters, we’ll consult with you to find out what you’re envisioning and then create a sign you’ll love.

Backlit & Illuminated Signs

Lighted SignWhen you add LED lights to the channel letters, your sign is going to stick out even more than before. Whether it’s dark, foggy, or gloomy outside, people will see those letters on the outside of your building, and they’ll know you’re open. Our So Cal professionals will install your signs and handle all of the electrical aspects, ensuring the letters light up correctly after the installation is complete.

Is your business open after hours? If it’s dark outside by the time you’re closing shop, adding some lights to the letters is the best decision for you to make. You wouldn’t want to lose out on business opportunities because people didn’t know your store was open.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

We believe in producing high-quality signs and marketing materials that will help you achieve even more success. We’re the kind of company you can work with on a long-term basis for all your signage needs. Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. uses the best materials to produce signage that not only reflects the hard work you’ve put into your brand but also helps you continue to reach all of your So Cal business goals and needs.

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!