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Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering
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So Cal Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering


Your choice of outdoor signs will have a vital part in determining your businessโ€™s success or failure. An attractive, professional-looking storefront can go a long way in increasing your traffic and sales. This is why dimensional and channel letters became some of the most favored outdoor business signs.

Custom Channel Letter Building SignOur So Cal channel letters, for instance, are among our most in-demand signage products at Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc.. Aside from having the utmost durability from top-grade signage materials, our channel letters are also highly customizable to take the shape of every letter, number, symbol, or logo that you want.

Our So Cal sign company caters to all types of businesses with customized signage tailored to fit each of their specific brand, business personalities, location, target market, and budget. Considering all these, our in-house designers will help you choose what is the best font, size, color, lighting method, and mounting style, and overall design for your channel letters.

For a compelling business sign that is as attractive as it is durable and cost-effective, dimensional letters and channel letters can satisfy your marketing needs and meet your aesthetic expectations!

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Storefront Channel Letters

To better ensure your businessโ€™s success, making your storefront as attractive as it can get is worth it. Failing to do so will push your potential customers towards your competitors, given that they have made a better choice of outdoor signs for branding and marketing.

Custom Channel Letter SignChannel letters are among the most trusted signs if you want an eye-catching storefront that invites more people to your business. They are individual 3D signage elements that make it easier for people to find your establishment even if theyโ€™re still a distance away. More importantly, they help establish your professionalism and make people trust the quality of products or services that you can provide.

You can choose to customize channel letters to suit your brand and business personality better. A myriad of font, size, shape, and color options is available for you to choose from. If youโ€™re having a hard time deciding, our in-house designers can even help you out.

Channel letters also come with a hollow space inside, allowing you to enhance them with some lighting. You can opt for LED lighting and give your business a highly visible storefront that can attract customers 24/7.

Additionally, there are two mounting styles available for your channel letters. If you want to reduce the time and necessary penetrations for the installation, you can have raceway-mounted channel letters. On the other hand, you can have them directly mounted on your building if you want a more attractive result.

Channel letters are applicable to any business and establishment, including government buildings, shopping centers, coffee shops, restaurants, and retail outlets.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

A lot may confuse dimensional letters with channel letters due to their various similar traits. They are both versatile 3D business signs that can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. The only major difference between these two signs is that dimensional letters donโ€™t have hollow spaces that can accommodate inner lighting.

Unlike channel letters, dimensional letters are completely solid. However, they still have the same level of functionality as channel letters and can even be illuminated through other methods. You can add LED backlighting to your stainless steel dimensional letters or have them face-lit by using translucent acrylic faces.

More importantly, dimensional letters are highly versatile and flexible, just like channel letters. You can also shape them into the letters, numbers, symbols, or logos that you want. You can even choose among various signage materials, including aluminum, metal, bronze, stainless steel, acrylic, Cor-Ten steel, copper, brass, plastic, and foam.

Dimensional letters can be utilized by practically any facility, such as warehouses, manufacturing plants, office buildings, boutiques, cafes, and food outlets.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. provides signs for every type of establishment, including businesses that operate 24/7 or only at nighttime.

Lighted SignOur So Cal channel letters can be fully customized to better represent your brand and address your specific marketing needs, incorporating lighting options if necessary.

With illuminated channel letters, your storefront will be visible to your potential customers no matter the time of day. This is especially true if you utilize LED lighting, proven to have lights that stay bright during broad daylight and even brighter during night hours.

More importantly, LED is the most cost-efficient and eco-friendly lighting option available. You can use it to front-lit or backlit your channel letters. You can also have the combination of these two lighting options with the choice to use either one or multiple colors with your light!

Backlit channel letters are ideal for businesses operating at nighttime such as movie theatres, bars, comedy clubs, and other establishments that operate 24/7 like gasoline stations and convenience stores.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

They are versatile, durable, and highly functional. More importantly, they are highly cost-efficient, considering the quality of results they can give you. They will better showcase your brand and have a wider marketing reach, increasing your traffic and doubling your average sale.

Still not sure? Talk to our signage experts, and we will help you decide if channel letters are the right sign for your business. Even better, we will help you finalize its details should you decide to proceed with your channel letter installation.

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. at (949) 284-6977 for your Free Consultation with a So Cal Channel Letter expert!

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