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So Cal Lighted Signs


It is time for your company to get noticed by passersby in your neighborhood! The best way to accomplish this goal is with a custom lighted sign.

custom illuminated channel lettersYou can have a custom sign to perfectly match your So Cal business identity, while also serving its primary purpose. You can also have a lighted or backlit sign to fulfill a specific role such as helping your visitors to find the emergency exits or other particular areas or rooms inside your building. Whatever your industry or sector of activity, there’s a lighted sign that can help you get one step closer to achieving your goals.

Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. is a professional creator of illuminated storefront signs, business lobby signs, and other types of corporate logos or messages. Our ultimate goal is to become your one-stop shop for all business signage needs, whether you want to promote your company or to help others find you more easily.

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Consultation with a Lighted Sign Specialist!

Traditional Neon Signs

custom neon signMany people still love the look and feel of traditional neon signs. However, their relatively high costs and short lifespan make this type of signage a short-lived and expensive investment. Thanks to modern LED lighting technologies, you can have signs that look like neon but are more durable without the high-cost associated with neon signs.

If you want the vintage neon look without all associated problems, you have come to the right place! Just contact us today, tell us what you need, and we are going to find the best solution for you.

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersYou can get the specific neon look by using energy-efficient LED bulbs. They will create the retro effect, but with a much smaller carbon footprint.
LED lighting can be used for a wide array of signage projects. Channel letter and cabinet signs are only two of the various applications this innovative and energy-efficient technology has. Illuminated signs are designed to help your So Cal business with visibility after the sun has set, thus being the perfect solution for gas stations, entertainment facilities, convenience stores, and any company open late at night.

Our LED signs can be customized to match your specific needs and preferences. They are available in so many colors, shape and size options. With so many options our designers will find one to suit your needs.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignNeon and LED signs are also suitable for indoor use. For instance, often being utilized for OPEN signs. Many companies employ them as useful promotional tools alerting potential customers to ongoing events or sales. Why not use them to regulate the customer flow in your restaurant by highlighting order and pickup stations?

These signs can take any shape you want. Your imagination is the only limit here. Our So Cal team of expert graphic designers will help you bring even your craziest ideas to life.

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Dairy Queen Pylon SignIf you want to give your company a high-tech appearance, you can choose a programmable message center to impress your visitors. You can showcase this type of sign on your storefront or inside your building.

LED message stations are much better than neon signs. They allow for displaying custom messages you changeable whenever needed. They include several color options, some of them being capable of displaying full-color graphics and letters.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

So Cal Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225We are here to help you see your dreams come true. Our goal is to create impactful, eye-catching signage solutions to promote your So Cal business and help you accomplish all of your business goals. We handle everything from graphic design conception, production and into the installation and the maintenance of your signs. With us, you can rest assured everything we do will reflect the hard work you’ve put into your business.

As a full-service signage agency, we have the tools and the skills required to create high-quality, eye-catching signs that help businesses get noticed and attract new clients.

Free Lighted Signs Consultation

Outshine everyone else in your area with impactful lighted signs by Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc.!

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Consultation with a Neon Sign Specialist!

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