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Lobby Signs & Logo Signs
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So Cal Lobby Signs & Logo Signs


You put a lot of time and effort into creating great first impression for your So Cal business with professional exterior and storefront signs. Don’t stop there. You need to carry that positive first impression throughout your business. Let your lobby signage cement in the minds of your customers the positive, professional first impression you created with your outdoor signs.

We provide a wide variety of lobby signage including:

  • Foam lobby signs – Can be faced with metal or acrylic for a 3-dimensional look,
  • Acrylic Lobby Signs – Clear or colored acrylic can be cut in any shape and can give the appearance of frosted or etched glass,
  • Backlit lobby signs – Almost any sign can be enhanced with backlighting, and using LED lights is energy efficient,
  • Wood lobby signs – Live edge or beveled edge wood can serve as a backdrop for metal, vinyl, or acrylic lettering,
  • Metal lobby signs – Metal such as aluminum, stainless steel, Brass, bronze, copper, or steel can be cut in any shape or size,
  • Cut vinyl lobby signs – The least expensive option also offers a wide variety of colors and graphics options.

Our expert installation team will install all of your signs, ensuring they are aligned perfectly and secured safely. If you’d rather do the installation work yourself, we provide all the necessary hardware to secure your sign yourself.

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Consultation with a Lobby Sign Specialist!

Lobby Logo Signs

So Cal Lobby Signs & Logo Signs interior block 300x176Branding is the art of putting your business at the top of your customers’ minds. Create a strong, recognizable brand, and your customers will remember you when they are looking for the services and products you provide. One key to creating a brand that sticks with people is to reinforce it throughout your business. Repeat the same logo, catch phrase, and color scheme on everything from your storefront sign to your business cards. Make sure your brand is reinforced from your front door to your exit signs with consistent and cohesive logo signs.

The best place to start? Your lobby. Make a great impression in the one place that all your customers see, and often spend time while waiting for service. Our So Cal sign company has a large variety of eye-catching lobby signs to turn your lobby into a showcase for your business and brand.

Cohesive Business Signage Collection

Attractive Custom Lobby SignYour name and logo aren’t the only information you want your customers to get while they’re visiting your business. We offer a huge variety of business signs, including ADA and wayfinding signs, window graphics and displays, storefront signs, product displays, and point of sale signs, among many others. Our expert designers will make sure that your complete business signage collection is cohesive and complementary in design, style, and color so it creates a professional and memorial impression on your customers.

Attractive, coordinated signs reinforce customers’ impression that your business is professional, polished, and pays attention to every detail. That’s the impression that will bring customers to your door.

Free Lobby Sign Consultation

Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. wants to help grow your So Cal business in the best way we know how, with stellar customer service and quality business signage. Take your business to the top with lobby signs from Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc..

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Consultation with a Lobby Sign Specialist!

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