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Commercial Truck Wraps
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So Cal Commercial Truck Wraps

Does your So Cal company use trucks to perform jobs for your customers? Do you need to make deliveries or utilize corporate vehicles for projects? You can maximize marketing opportunities with your corporate vehicles; through customized truck graphics and wraps. These graphics and wraps prominently display the company’s logo, contact information, and your personalized brand message.

Custom vinyl truck wrapWhen taking your company message on the road, you increase the level of brand visibility exponentially as other traveling the same routes look out of their windows, or as you pass by people walking on the streets. Using a fleet of branded vehicles, you can consistently spread the brand message and build company recognition among potential clients indicating that you are a serious and professional business there to meet their needs.

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Using A High-Visibility Brand Marketing Resource

Branded work truck wrapImagine that you are traveling the same commute route to your office each day. You are merely another vehicle cruising by in a nondescript manner, blending in with the vehicles around you. Now, imagine that your vehicle has a customized truck wrap applied by Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc.. Your phone begins to ring more than ever, and strangers start to speak with you; all of a sudden, it seems that every person recognizes your brand!

How did this happen?

Custom Food Truck WrapIt is all down to the customized vehicle wrap. Not only do these items offer you improved visibility for your marketing message, but the wrap also provides a continuous branding effort. Most people travel the same route to work each day, and this means that you will pass the same individuals regularly whether you realize this or not. If the same person were carrying a large sign daily, you would more than likely remember the person standing on the corner – this is the same for any vehicle! A vehicle wrap will transform a car into a recognizable piece of personalized art that attracts people’s attention and enforces a brand message each time it is seen.

Fully Customizing Wraps For Your Company Needs

Protective truck wrapCogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. understands that all companies are different with unique marketing messages. We take this into account, ensuring that your vehicle wrap performs to your specific marketing niche in an eye-catching way that is large enough to be seen from far away. Our customized truck graphics and wrap developers understand that the layout needs to complement the shape of the truck, must be suitable for your vehicle, and use materials suited for long-term use.

The So Cal team at Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. develops, manufactures and professionally installs partial truck wraps, full truck wraps, perforated window films, customized truck stickers, graphics and decals, and vehicle magnets. Many companies use different vehicles for their work events, and we can create wraps for these vehicles whether it’s an ATV’s or RV’s. Cohesive designs elements can be modified to adjust to any business changes you have.

Protecting The Vehicle Investment

Branded Work Truck WrapTruck vehicle wraps offer far more than being an outstanding marketing solution. In addition to being an excellent branding tool, the durable graphics film utilized to manufacture our vinyl wraps act as a form of protection to the truck’s paintwork, shielding it from road wear-and-tear, and protecting it from during all weather conditions. Commercial trucks represent long-term financial investments for any company; therefore, it is essential that all steps are taken to increase the vehicle’s lifespan, value, and longevity.

It is essential that professional installation is conducted to ensure the wrap is not only eye-catching but also offers the best level of protection to your vehicle. The So Cal installation team at Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. handles the entire procedure from the preparation of the vinyl wrap to the presentation of a finished product that we are proud to place our company’s name on.

A Full Truck Wrap Manufacturing

Our team is here to help you with all steps of the truck vinyl wrap procedure moving from the initial consultation to the installation with maintenance and even wrap removal, as needed. Our staff consists of trained and professional manufacturers, developers, and installers who can help with the creation and installation of long-lasting wraps to lengthen the lifespan of your commercial truck.

Do you have an existing wrap that has been damaged? Whether the work was originally done by us or not, we will help you get back in tip-top shape.

Free Truck Wrap Consultation

Let us help you protect your investment, increase your brand visibility, and attract new customers and clients with a durable, high-quality truck wrap! Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. is your partner for attractive, cohesive vehicle wraps, graphics, and other business signage that supports your brand and improves your So Cal business visibility.

Call Cogent Signs & Graphics, Inc. today at (949) 284-6977 for a Free Consultation with a Truck Wrap Expert!

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